Wednesday May 17th, 14.00-18.00 Preparing for Job Interviews

Oulu University, Room SÄ124 (campus map, the room location on the map: E5)

Preparing for interviews in English – suitable also for Finns applying for jobs that require English skills!

Our agenda this afternoon:
• What is the interviewer looking for?
• Interview formats and activities
• Predicting the interviewers’ questions and structuring your answers
• The typical questions versus the unexpected ones – how can you prepare for them?
• Summarizing your skills set, your studies and your work experience in a couple of minutes (elevator pitch)
• Your own questions – they might be the most important part of the interview
• Rehearsing for interviews in practice
• After the interview

Taught by Susan McAnsh, Oulu University. (Susan also speaks fluent Finnish.)

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Our website forms are in Finnish – here are the translations for filling in your info:
– Nimi = Name
– Koulutustausta = Your level of education or degree
– Työtilanne = Status of employment: unemployed / working / in education / other
– Syntymävuosi = Year of birth
– Sähköpostiosoite = Your e-mail address

(You’ll receive a reminder e-mail a couple of days before the event.)