Ke 13.2. klo 12.00-15.00 Digia hakee osaajia

Digia, Elektroniikkatie 10, Oulu.

Digia hakee Uranosteen kautta uusia osaajia riveihinsä Ouluun – katso työpaikkailmoitus alta! Lähetä työhakemuksesi ja CV:si torstaihin 31.1. klo 14.00 mennessä sähköpostitse osoitteeseen krista.merikanto(a)

Mikäli olet potentiaalinen Digian tuleva työntekijä, sinut kutsutaan jatkotilaisuuteen, jonka Digia järjestää keskiviikkona 13.2. klo 12-15 omissa tiloissaan. Mukaan päässeille ilmoitetaan henkilökohtaisesti.

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Digia is a Finnish software solutions and service company. We have over 1,000 professionals creating inventive solutions and bringing success for people, businesses and communities in everyday life. We improve our customers competitiveness with multi channeled enterprise solutions that improve effectiveness and customer experience. Our customers trust our insightful specialists, our deep industry comprehension and recognized wide-ranging technology know-how. Our innovative products are within reach of people around the world. We deliver ICT solutions and services to various industries, focusing especially on finance, public sector, trade and services and telecommunications. Digia operates in Finland, Russia, China, Sweden, Norway, Germany and in the U.S. More information:

Most of Digia Oulu people belong to Qt competence area. Qt is a cross-platform application development framework used by many of the leading companies all over the world in industrial electronics, defense applications, consumer electronics devices, and desktop, mobile and tablet applications where sophisticated, visually appealing user interfaces are the need of the day. More information:

Now we are looking for new employees in different roles to strengthen our Qt team in Oulu. The roles can be e.g.

• Qt consultant working with several of the leading companies who are building their solutions based on Qt technology and help and educate them to create best products based on Qt

• Release test automation engineer or lead working as a member of Qt R&D Release Test Automation team in responsible of planning, developing and maintaining Qt Release Test Automation system and provide reliable, repeatable & comparable test results for the stakeholders

• Qt 3D specialist to further develop the Qt3D and QtQuick3D technologies and also consulting and developing customer specific functionality on top of these technologies

• Qt software developer for building additional components on top of Qt development framework

Keywords and competences needed in our Qt roles:

• Qt/QML
• C++
• Graphics programming
• WebKit
• UX
• Cross-platform coding (windows, Mac, Linux, EMB Linux, RTOS, iOS, Android,…)
• Community work
• Customer interface experience and presentation skills
• English language skills

And what we offer:

In Digia, we are devoted to create ultimate working environment for successful professionals; environment which takes care of your needs to grow into top software professional. Great colleagues make sure that you feel right at home. Agile projects with up-to-date tools ensure that you have opportunity for great challenges which lead to great success. Join our team to unfold the future of software engineering.