Courses in English

In May 2017 we have some courses in English coming up, as well! They are suitable for both international students and Finns applying for jobs in English. Click the links below to find out more.

May 15th – Making the most out of LinkedIn – Oulu University

May 16th – Creating an Impressive Job Application – Oulu University

May 17th – Preparing for Job Interviews – Oulu University

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Project information in English

The goal of the Uranoste 2015-2017 project is to improve employment, networking and innovation in the field of commerce and technology. In addition to the unemployed, also those who are currently working or about to graduate and are fit in the target group, may take part in the project. The target group consists mainly of engineers either with or without a university level degree, Masters of Economic Sciences and Bachelors of Business Administration.

The project itself is based on different forms of education, both on-site courses and webinars, including such as Curriculum Vitae workshops, job interview coaching sessions, professional networking in the social media, and communication/management orientated lectures. The aim is to increase the professional skills and know-how of the target group.

The Uranoste 2015-2017 project is run by PPOTTY, the support organization for independent employment of Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland. Trade unions work behind PPOTTY: Union of Professional Engineers in Finland (IL), Union of Academic Engineers and Architects (TEK), Union of Bachelors of Business (TRAL), The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates (Suomen Ekonomit) and Akava Special Branches (AE). The main funding for the project comes from the European Social Fund (ESF). In additition, the project is funded by the trade unions mentioned above, the cities of Oulu, Kajaani and Ylivieska, Oulu university, and the following universities of applied sciences: OAMK, LAMK, KAMK and Centria AMK.

The project is taking place in the area of Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland, starting on the 1st of January 2015 and ending on the 31st of December 2017. We are also interested in co-operation with other ESF projects as we see the sharing of ideas and practices between different projects utterly important.

Contact information:
Sami Lopakka
Project Manager

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